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Guide to Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Guide to Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Nothing highlights ‘Russia through the centuries’ than the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If Moscow is known as the capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is the Cultural Capital of the country. Moscow will confound, amaze and delight you at the same time. St. Pete, or “Peeter”, as called in Russia, is the city of Peter the Great and Queen Ekaterina and has a rich history and this is often embodied through its architecture and culture.

A Russian adventure is incomplete without visiting this city of reflections and city of the sun which will leave you enthralled with what it offers; from festivities, yachts, triathlons, adventure sports to cultural exhibits and music.

We bring to you the guide to travelling Moscow and St. Petersburg and the must do’s, must visit, how to reach, lodging, food and what not!

Moscow Marvels

The capital has a lot of beautiful places which have survived since the revolution days and have today become a symbol of the Russian history.

Touristy in Peeter

The imperial history of Russia has left many iconic landmarks and buildings which today make for the most go to destinations in St. Pete. There are a lot of places to visit, but you should definitely take out time for.

What to do!

Moscow -

Watch a game of Ice Hockey
> Russians excel at winter sports and catching a game of ice hockey is a definite on everyone's bucket list.
> Head to the Kontinental Hockey League games and enjoy a season run from August to April.

Attend a Music Festival
> Music and Dance have an integral place in the Russian Culture and attending a concert is not just a gathering but an event in itself.
> Nashestvie is the main Russian rock music festival and is the russian equivalent to ‘Coachella’.
> Afisha Picnic is another summer music and lifestyle which offers many other events like sports and games, shopping markets, food truck festival etc.

St. Petersburg

Watch the Bridges Open
> St. Pete is a city full of bridges who open every night illuminated for the cargos to pass.
> The first bridge opens up at 1.25 a.m. and then they go up on one by one. The tour starts at midnight and usually lasts for two hours.

See the Maquettes of Russia and St. Pete
> Astonish yourself while seeing the state of art model museums. The definite go to are Grand Maket Show Museum and Petrovskaya Akvatoria.
> The guide in English (included in your ticket) will tell you some fascinating facts about the places of these times.

Where to stay!

Russia offers a variety of hotels and stay homes covering all budgets and living preferences. For your visa’s now, you need registration proofs which are provided by your hotels or hostels and therefore it is important to start looking for a place to stay well in advance.
We give you a brief idea of the best places to stay which fulfill all you would want from your russian adventure.

> Hotel Cosmos
Offering a variety of rooms from standard to studios and suites and a plethora of entertainment facilities, fitness centre, excursions, concerts, spa and massages. Multi Cuisine options and many other inhouse services.

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> Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel
Beautiful guestrooms and a host of convenient facilities make your stay at Marriott pleasant and delightful. Other recreation and services cover luxury dining, spas, fitness centres etc.

> Other amazing places to stay include - Hotel Mercure Moscow Baumanskaya, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel, Gostinitsa Vega etc.

St. Petersburg
> Azimut Hotel
Spacious russian style rooms and come equipped with fitness centres, in house spas, multifarious restaurants, a cozy fireplace and lovely views all around.

For more information on St Pete’s escape, visit

> NashOTEL
A large number of guest rooms, spas, botanical gardens, in house cafes and outdoor sitting, many other recreational activities await you at NashOTEL.

> Other stays include - Rossi Boutique Hotel & SPA, Crowne Plaza, Nevsky Forum Hotel etc.

Where to Eat!

The Main feature of Russian cuisine is considered to be the abundance and variety of products used for cooking much like our Indian food habits.
> There are numerous dishes made of dough such as pies, cakes, rolls, blini, etc. as well as unleavened dough, including dumplings and homemade noodles.
> Must Try - Bliny, Borsch, Smoked Salmon, Shashlik, Russian Dumplings.

Bliny - Russian Pancakes are a must try!
Source -

Eat Street in Moscow

Do check out the following eateries and restaurants to soothe your tastebuds.
> Mari Vanna - Homely Russian Cuisine
> White Rabbit - Fine Dine European cuisine
> Boston Sea Food and Bar

For cocktails and tipsy tales head to,
> Black Thai
> Grand Cafe
> SaVVa and AQ Kitchen

Eat Street in St. Petersburg
Must try eateries include,
> Chekhov - Authentic Russian Food
> Idiot - Local and International Fish and Veg Dishes

Drinks and stories at,
> Palkin
> Percorso

How to Reach

Being International destinations it is fairly easy to jet your way to Moscow and St. Pete.

By Air -
Moscow > Three International airports fall into the vicinity, The Domodedovo International Airport (DME), Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) and Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) are the main airports located around 35 km, 30 km and 28 km, respectively from the city centre.
> The Domodedovo International Airport is the largest airport in the country and is served by several flights by numerous airlines from varied international destinations.

India - Flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

St. Petersburg
> St. Petersburg Airport is well connected by major destinations across the world.

India - Flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Note - You can also reach Moscow from St. Petersburg and Vice - e - versa via the speed train operating in the country.

Domodedovo International Airport Source -

In and Around the City

It is important to have some idea how to travel in and around the cities. Both Moscow and Pete have a diverse network of roads and rails.

> Taxis are not exactly cheap even on meter but good for short distance. Do note that the traffic is unpredictable and the prices may surge without notice.
> There are also operators like Uber, Yandex Taxi, Get Taxi operating which are cheaper than normal taxis. The fair normally ranges from 30- 33 RUB/ km.

> A much better and cheaper alternative is the underground metro system which saves both time and money. Also, the views from the metro are very beautiful and form one of the major part of your Russian excursion.
> The Metro price for one travel costs 50 RUB in Moscow and 45 RUB in St. Pete.

Interior of Moscow Metro Station
Source -

There you go! Your guide to what to see, stay, eat and roam in the cosmo cities.
Plan your next trip to Russia and be Awara!

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