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Game of Thrones - On Set Counterparts in India!

Game of Thrones - On Set Counterparts in India!

Da Da - Da Da Da Da - Da Da Da Da - Da Da Da Da - Daa Daa Daa...if you are a Game of Thrones, you definitely sang along!

This phenomenon has taken over the world and the fans only keep on growing. Westeros, created by George R R Martin albeit dangerous (cough - white walker - cough) does make you want to visit it. You have everything - the cold frigid zones, green grasslands, wetlands to jungles and deserts. Belfast, Croatia etc seem too far a place to visit and enjoy the on set locations of Game of Thrones. These locations are iconic but this doesn’t mean you can’t experience what it might just look like.

With season 7 hitting your screens very soon, here’s a list of places in India that resemble or at least give you a feeling of the actual locations, so that the fun never stops!

Red Keep - Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

The residence of the King and his family. It is also home to the famous Iron Throne, made from the swords of the vanquished The Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur situated above the city resembles the Red Keep both highlighting the city skyline.

Harrenhal - Chiktan, Ladakh

The once mighty castle is now a creepy blacked ruin. Chiktan Fort in Ladakh, shares the similar fate, once a masterpiece, now rumbling in pieces.

North of the Wall - Zanskar Valley

What better alternative to the cold hard rustic north than the very Zanskar Valley. Snow capped, white winterland, with a hint of mystery - a perfect alternative to the north of the wall.

Highgarden - Amer Fort

The stronghold of Tyrells is a lush green rich county giving truly royal feels. Amer Fort in India gives you just that image. Located in Amer, Rajasthan, its opulent and has big courtyards and along flows a lake.

Dorne - Rambagh Palace

The seat of the Martells, is often known for its lavishness and liberty. Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is flowing with luxury. The built will definitely feel like an actual GoT set, a must go.

Essos - Jim Corbett

The temperate landmass in westeros significant for the Dothraki and Daenerys storyline can be somewhat recreated in the land of Jim Corbett. The wildlife helps accentuate the feel.

Winterfell - Kashmir

The valleys of winterfell, green in the warmer climates and laden with snow during winters actually has an Indian counterpart in Kashmir. The seat of the House of Stark, it is a picturesque place. Kashmir has its share of green and white landscapes making this a perfect place to relive the stark

King’s Landing - Rajasthan/ Varanasi

The might King’s Landing - the actual Game of Thrones is a must visit on set location in Dubrovnik, Croatia but till the time you can’t go there, you can get similar experiences at Rajasthan and Varanasi. Narrow Lanes, abundance of people and red cityscape will remind you of Varanasi somehow. However, if it's the architecture you fancy, our very own royal capital Rajasthan cannot be missed.

Game of Thrones has numerous locations and sets, it is almost impossible to recreate everything, but our diverse country does offer a few resemblances to our joy. You won’t need a letter invite or a magic door to these, go explore!

Bonus! Here’s the Game of Thrones theme song, with a 360 experience. Watch the cities come to life.

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