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First Timers Guide to Cambodia!

First Timers Guide to Cambodia!

Once the country of a majestic civilization, the mighty Khmer empire of Angkor, whose remains today form the national identity of Cambodia. The country has become one of the very popular tourist hotspots in south Asia over time.
Cambodia’s sleepy towns and cities are a delight, with their faded colonial architecture and old-fashioned charm, while in the countryside a host of memorable landscapes await, from the mighty rivers and lakes to the remote forested highlands and mountains.

As a first time traveller anywhere there are doubts and uncertainties looming around while preparing and researching. Worry not! We help you with your doubts by telling you all you need to know - from how to get there to travel, accommodation,food, and other travel essentials.
Travelling to Cambodia made easy!

Best Time to Go!

> Cambodia remains consistently warm throughout the year– seasons are defined by rainfall rather than temperature.
> The cooler seasons are November to February and warmer ones from March to May.
> Best Time to go is during cooler climate - NOVEMBER - FEBRUARY.
> It is advisable to avoid the rainy season.

Dry Season is the best time to go!

How to Reach!

> Unfortunately there are no direct flights to Cambodia from many parts of the world.
> Connecting flights are available from many Asian centers like - Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong etc.
> The Connecting flights take you to either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.


Cambodia is a budget destination and fits all budget types.
> Accommodations start from 7-8$ but the prices can go up if you are planning to stay in Phnom Penh.
> Eating is cheap in Cambodia. Street food is scrumptious and fulfilling and start from 2-3$.
> High end restaurants are also well affordable.
> Transport is also manageable and the costs are usually 1$ per hour but this can range from destination to destination.

Where to Stay!

Finding an Accommodation is not a big issue as housing for all budgets is easily found. The popular places are - Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

Budget Housing -
> Many Hotels and Guesthouses are available in budget rates offering facilities enough to ensure you have a pleasant experience including basic toiletries, TV, bathrooms, WiFi etc.
> It is advisable to carry mosquito nets on your own though.
> Budget Hotels and Hostels range from 5$ - 15$ a night.
> There are also many Dorms available which cost around 3$ - 10$ per night.

Dorm Style Hostels

Mid Range to Luxury -
> Mid-range accommodation ranges from smart business-style hotels to lower-end boutique hotels and resorts.
> Luxury accommodation is widely available in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Sihanoukville and Kep, with even a few places elsewhere.
> Accommodation in this price bracket usually ranges from international five-star chain hotels through to chic boutique hotels and idyllic resorts.
> Mid-range is usually  $25–75 per night and luxury starts $75 and upwards per night.

High end hotels have many services like swimming pools

In and Around the City!

There have been many developments in Cambodian transportation networks and now its is more easier to travel in and around the cities.
> Do note that the roads can become inaccessible or slow during monsoon or festive times especially New Years.

Buses -
> The cheapest and comfortable way of transportation connecting all major towns and cities.
> Buses usually start from the capital - Phnom Penh.
> The fare’s range from 4$ - 6$.
> There are no centralised timetables for buses and they have to be booked a day in advance as standing passengers are not allowed.

Taxis -
> There are many shared taxis running in Cambodia offering you to take places even buses wont.
> Do note that the taxis can be crowded at times and in order to have a taxi all to yourself, double the price is charged.

Boat -
> Waterways is fairly common way of going in and around the city.
> Boats run daily south along the Mekong river  between Phnom Penh and the Vietnamese border at Chau Doc.
> From Sihanoukville in the south regular ferries and fast catamarans depart a few times a day to Koh Rong, with a few continuing on to the neighbouring island of Koh Rong Samloem.

> Other ways to travel include Tuk Tuks and renting a motorbike or cycles.

Where to Eat!

Cambodian cuisine usually has influences from many Asian countries particularly China.
Rice is a staple and offered with almost every meal.

Must Try -

> Chicken and Pork Curries with Rice are comfort food eaten predominantly everywhere.
> Cambodian Stews and somlar - a type of soup are also very popular.
> Street Food is very affordable and well on budget costing from 0.50$ to 1.50$.

Popular places to eat -
> Romdeng Restaurant - for all mouth watering Cambodian curries.
> Besto Restaurant and Mart - for lip smacking Indian cuisine.
> Sesame Noodle Bar  - for variety of noodle dishes.
> China House - for a taste of China and fusion food.

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