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7 Best Places to visit in Cambodia!

7 Best Places to visit in Cambodia!

Historic sites, calm beaches, exotic wilderness and ancient temples fill the landscape of Cambodia. Whether you are looking for a blast from the past or modern new cities, you won’t be disappointed by what’s in store. Cambodia transcends time with its unparalleled beauty and enigma, making it a popular south Asian tourist destination.

If you are travelling to Cambodia for the first time, don’t forget to check out our First Timer's Guide to Cambodia. Now, here are some scenic locations you must tick off your bucket list for a complete experience of this exotic vacation!

Angkor Wat

Remember the ancient ruins immortalised by the Tomb Raider franchise? The most iconic place to visit in Cambodia and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat is a very popular tourist spot.
> Speaking of the architecture, Angkor Wat was built by around 300,000 workers, 7000 elephants and the sandstone was especially brought all the way from the holy mountain of Phnom Kulen.
> The temples have a stone gateway with guardian lions, a very wide moat often used in the earlier times for defence purposes an

Tip! - Get a perfect Instagram shot amidst the stone towers. You will feel straight out of a scene from Temple run!

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Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia is a charming riverside city - Phnom Penh. The palaces and the french colonial architecture are evident throughout the city.
> Three rivers synchronise at the city - Mekong, Tonle Sap, Bassac Rivers.
> The Hindu/Buddhist temples called ‘Pagodas’ are a must visit.
> The Khmer civilisation artifacts are definitely on the bucket list  - visit at National Museum.
> Visit the beautiful complex of the Royal Palace, the golden spires are a treat to watch.

Pagodas are a must visit!

The National Museum has many Khmer Artifacts
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Koh Ker

Often called the ‘Abode of Temples’, Koh Ker lies close to Siem Reap and is one of the must go places in Cambodia. The folklore legends say dropping a coconut at a well in temple of Koh Ker, it appears at a pond at Neang Khmao temple.
> The complex is around 3 km and has a number of temples in its vicinity.
> The must visit temples include Neang Khmao - a stupa shaped temple on top of hills.
> Koh Ker temple, Chen temple, Preng well and Kuk temple are other famous options to explore.

Tip! - Don’t miss the 30m Prasat Thom complex over the surrounding jungles.

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Koh Rong

The exotic island of Koh Rang is a must go beach destination in Cambodia. There a lot of activities for all the adventure enthusiasts and even for lazy beach bums who would just rather soak up the sun!
> Don’t miss the different species of aquatic life - seahorses, sergeant fish, parrot fish, blue spotted ribbontail, squids etc via snorkeling.
> Other watersports include - diving, kayaking and surfing.
> Visit the Butterfly Farm and Mini Zoo on Police beach.

Tip! - Seen the photos of glowing beaches all over the internet? Visit the Lonely Beach and Coconut Beach to enjoy some bio - luminescent plankton.

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If you’re a nature enthusiast and a wildlife adventurer - this is the place for you! The greens of the hill, dense forests, pristine waterfalls and a taste of wildlife, welcome you.
> Visit the hill tribes in Phnong houses to get a taste of the traditional culture.
> Visit Bou Sra, Chrey Thom waterfalls and the Gold mines at Memang.

Tip! - The Bou Sra falls offer a Mayura Zipline ride, do not miss that!

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Known as the land of black peppercorns, the beauty of Kampot is unmatched. The riverside  views mesmerize one and all.
> There are many colonial structures with french influence.
> Visit Bokor National Park on the old french hill station for Nepenthes Flower, Wild Elephant and Tiger.
> Visit the ruins at Kampot Kampong Caves.
> Go for boating on the riverside and relax by the waterfalls.

Bokor National Park
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Kampot Kampong Caves
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Preah Vihear

The pilgrimage centre in Cambodia is frequented by Hindu and Buddhist devotees. It is also known for its tropical hardwood forests and the countryside scenery.
> Visit the Hindu temple complex on top of the Dangrek mountains.

> Witness the marvellous carved stone ornamentation as well as the staircases, pavements and sanctuaries at this temple devoted to Lord Shiva.
> Don’t miss the Nagaraj courtyard, again dedicated to Shiva.

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Beaches, markets and beautiful locations make Kep one of the most sought after places in Cambodia.
> Take a walk on the white sand beaches and view the bottomless statue.
> Try lip smacking seafood and crab dishes from the street vendors.
> Visit the Kep National Park - waterfalls, the Stone house, Little Buddha.
> Enjoy an evening filled with good food and music at the Led Zepplin Cafe at the Kep National Park.

Kep National Park
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Has the travel bug got you restless already? Cambodia offers you a taste of everything and that too well within budget. Go explore!

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