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Maldives - All you need to know for your next big trip!

Maldives - All you need to know for your next big trip!

Turquoise blue ocean as far as your eyes take you, white sands, unrivalled luxury, reef ringed - atolls, picturesque corals, these make Maldives a haven for beach lovers, adventure enthusiasts, honeymooners and divers. Located in south western part of the vast Indian ocean, this tourist spot attracts thousands of travellers and tourists for one of the best snorkeling and diving experiences in the world. Enjoy the aquatic life from your glass floors, lay in the lap of corals and marines from your underwater hotel glass room or simply live the beach life, this place has something for everyone.

As you enter the Maldivian air space, get astounded by its aesthetics and prepare yourself to land in the lowest country in the world. That’s right! Maldives is only 1.5 meters above sea level.

Here’s all you need to know about this amazing island before you pack your bags from what to see and do to the culture and cuisine!

What to do!

You would probably expect to sit by the beach, gaze into the fading sun, sip cocktails and do what beach destinations sound like, however there is so much more than what you originally thought.

Diving and Snorkeling

Maldives promises you one of the best diving experiences with an array  of affordable dive centres. The crystal blue waters offer incredible visibility - you are definite to catch a view of the mighty stingrays, sea turtles and white shark migration to eels, crabs, sea horses etc. promising a close interaction with the sea life.

If diving is not on your mind, snorkeling is another viable option. You don’t have to go deep to catch a glimpse of the aquatic species. The schools of fish flow along the tides in flocks making you experience as if you are in an aquarium.

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Surfing and Paddle boarding

One of the foremost destinations for surfing, Maldives attracts surfers from all over the world to ride it's crested waters. If you are an amatuer, you can also take surfing lessons or go for paddle boarding. There are many shallow water spots surrounding the beaches, take your board and see the fish swim literally under you.

Dolphin View

Go on your boats and watch the dolphins swim right next to you, flipping and twirling around in water.


Maldives is predominantly a Muslim community and that can be seen in its architecture and heritage. The island has museums, mosques, parks, beaches, heritage monuments to get the explorer in you wide awake.

- Islamic Centre - Architectural landmark located in city of Male, this also serves as a conference centre and houses the  Ministry of Islamic affairs. It’s golden dome highlights the Mauritian skyline.
- National Museum - Explore antiquities from the Buddhist era to Islamic monarchs.
- Malé Friday Mosque
- Hulhumale
- Atolls of the Maldives
- Meeru Island
- Moofushi
- Rangali
- Sultan Park
- Republic Square

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Romantic Dinners and Spas

Scenic blue waters make an ideal location for a candlelit dinner with your loved ones. Maldives has some of the best places to go for long romantic walks, explore the underwater or just gaze into breathtaking ocean views from a shared hammock.

Take some time off and relish in relaxation with a Balinese massage and enjoy many other spa treatments pampering yourself throughout this vacation.


Maldivian culture shows deep influence from Indian, Sri Lankan and African infusions creating a rich and vibrant city. Craftsmanship is very prominent and many intricate stone carvings can be found in the mosques and heritage buildings. Lacquer works, mat weaving, coir rope making and calligraphy are prominent examples of the Maldivian mastery.

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Just like culture, the cuisine is also influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan, Arabic and Oriental fusions, however many resorts serve international cuisines too. Staple food includes fish, mostly tuna. Coconut is used in food and drinks both and usually curries or veggies are served with rice. Being an islamic community, Alcohol is not served everywhere except a few resorts.

Maldives are said to be the reminiscence of a chain of sunken volcanoes formed around 60 millions of years ago. The abundance of atolls jutting out of water is both fascinating as well as overwhelming. It is indeed something to tick off your bucket list. Experience the sun and seas at this tropical destination, sure to leave you asking for more.

Aren't you seeing yourself dipped in the crystal blue water, spending your precious time with your loved ones and having the time of your life!

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Namrita Singh

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