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Fall In Love with Sweden! #SoloYolo Across Europe!

Fall In Love With Sweden On This Europe Holiday!

Being a person who is an introvert, it is not easy to travel alone to places where there is nobody familiar to be found. Every face you see is a completely new one. Sometimes, it gets hard to cope in a foreign place as the feeling of alienation grips your mind and soul. However, Sweden felt like a place exactly the opposite. People were welcoming, even though not many of them conversed in English (Swedish being the first language), they did their best to make me feel at home.
So, I am writing this blog with the sole purpose of enlightening people about the splendors of Sweden.

Tanya Vahi - #SoloYolo Traveller!

Visit this place for the beautiful views it has to offer.
Sweden is replete with places that offer solace. It is perfect for the people looking for some peaceful moments away from the rush of city life. From the alluring gardens, to the pleasant weather, everything that Sweden in Europe has in store does not fail to satisfy you. 
Choose a lodging that offers you a view so serene
Hassle free travel in Sweden without worrying about the change! 
You can travel to places in buses, metro, boats and trains. If you love more adventure, you can also borrow a bike for a few hours (or even days!) so that you can make the most of your trip (enjoying some fresh air comes as a bonus!). Travelling is cheap and super convenient. You’ll love it!
Travel to places with ease
Who doesn’t love a roller-coaster ride? 
Calling out to all the adventure junkies! The adventure parks fall nothing short of fun and thrill. The highlight is the roller-coaster that is perfect for that adrenaline rush. 
The scariest ride you will ever get on
Love something scary, too? 
The spooky house stands up to its name as you find your way through the haunted house. It is scary and would definitely make you sleepless for nights! There is a surprise waiting for you at every turning. P.S – BE EXTRA CAREFUL OR YOU MIGHT REGRET IT!
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The haunted house that will leave you scared for a long time
Indoor swimming pools for those cold days! 
When I visited Sweden, it was freezing. However, I love adventure way too much to be thwarted by the weather. I found this amazing place that had an indoor swimming stadium. It was huge so as to accommodate more people throughout the day. Cleanliness was an icing on the cake!
Take a swim in winters
Easy access to the marketplace. 
I remember visiting a marketplace which immediately awakened my senses. Being a foodie, I always seek places that offer delectable food. This marketplace was brimming with fresh produce and different kinds of cheese. Freshly baked bread and cheese hold a special spot in my heart, especially when the air around me smells crisp ad invigorating. What a way o f starting a new day!
A peaceful marketplace with H&M for people who feel extravagant
Food, food and food everywhere. 
Solo travelling allows a person to explore places that haven’t been visited before. I came across a teeny hilltop cafe that had scrumptious ice cream sundaes on the menu. You can bask in the full view of the mountains while savoring your favorite flavors of ice cream. Win win!
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Nothing better than enjoying your food and relaxing by the mountains at the same time
I hope that the bold letters catch your attention because this is the best thing you’ll find in Sweden. Wallow in the splendor of the cruise and witness the eye-pleasing scenery Sweden has to offer at the same time. I promise you won’t regret it!
Feeling grand? This palace is just the place for you! 
Drottninghol Palace will make you feel like a Prince/Princess. The handsome palace with theater and gardens no other place can provide.
One of the many Swedish Palaces
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A trip is not complete without visiting the Zoo.
Are you an animal lover? You can play with the animals at this place. You also get the opportunity to feed the animals and make them feel loved. From giraffes to rabbits, you will find every animal here.
Special treat for the animal lovers
Feeling anxious about the expensive accommodation? Don't worry!
Being a solo traveler is not easy as it comes at a price. Living at a hotel might be too expensive for you. Well, don’t worry as there are people ready to give you shelter for a couple of days, free of cost. Besides, cheap hotels are not hard to find either. 
View from my vacation room
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