Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Don’t Even Think about Rishikesh This Winter!

Don’t Even Think about Rishikesh This Winter!

Just the other day, I pitched the idea of a weekend trip to Rishikesh to my friend. Yes, you read it right, RISHIKESH! She was like whaaaa. Like any other sensible person, even she declined the idea right away! Her point was that who in their right mind would want to leave Delhi at it’s best - with its warm cosy (but smoggy) mornings, and travel to Rishikesh?

You might think I’m crazy and want to torture my friend with the spine chilling waters of river Ganges splashing on our faces while river rafting, and with the early sunsets and night full of shivers, in temperature as low as 8°C.
BUT. Before you judge me, read on to why I came up with the idea in the first place and decide for yourself!

1. Jaipuri Razai OR Camping Under a Sky Full of Stars?
> What you would rather!? When on one hand, you have the warmth of your Jaipuri Razai, & boring tomato soup, and on the other, you ditch the same old razai and move outdoors - self made tents near the Ganges, the crackling sound of the river, and titillating breeze to give you them feels.  

2. Usha Heater OR Snuggling up in front of the Bonfire?
> If you had to choose between your model of a 1980s room heater, sitting in front of it for hours just to roast your toes, and a friendly session of bonding with interesting strangers around a bonfire, combined with chilled beer or a hot cuppa coffee. Think think. Where does your heart take you?

3. xBox OR Thrilling River Rafting?
> This should not be a head scratcher! To give up between a game of xBox with your buddies, sitting on your couch with a bucket of popcorn, or the thrilling adventures of river rafting! Can you imagine the amount of adrenaline rush you would get when the ice cold water splashes on your face? What an exhilarating, unparalleled experience!

4. Gold’s Gym OR Yoga by the riverside?
> For the fitness freaks out there, I know you’ve paid a lot for that gym membership, and even follow it religiously. But how about ditching your workout plan for a day and replacing it with soul-feeding, refreshing yoga by the riverside? Choose between the loud desi workout mashup at the gym, or a spiritual and calm experience  of yoga, breathing fresh and real air for a change.
5. Aloo Parantha Vs Nutella Pancakes?
> I kept the best for the last! Hunger pangsssss! *om nom nom nom*
Only a true food lover would know the difference between a half-burnt, half-cooked aloo parantha, and lip smacking delicacies by Lakshman Jhoola. Explore hipster cafes and hog through their menus of coffee, nutella pancakes or just butterly delicious north Indian food.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

And guess what? My friend is convinced! So while we pack our bags and charge our camera batteries, you quicklyyyy decide and tell me which side you chose!

*In case you get convinced, just like we did, let’s plan it together?

Know more about the trip here!
Call Mohit to book - 8882812212

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