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Trip To Goa: Beaches, Parties, Romance, And Sizzling Chemistry

Trip To Goa: Beaches, Parties, Romance, And Sizzling Chemistry

Goa. It is the place that you have, at least once planned to visit with your set of friends. You may or may not have been able to implement those plans, you may have explored every corner of Goa or nothing at all, but there is one thing for certain; No matter how many times you land up on this beach-y heaven you will always find something new.
This time around take your loved one on a vacation where both of you can hold each other’s hand and feel the warm sand underneath your feet with a glass of your favourite drink in your hand. Look at the horizon; do you see how the sky meets the sea? Look at the waves, do you see how they hot the rocks and go back every time? Look at the sun, retreating down into the sea leaving behind magnificent hues of colour. Sounds like the perfect setting for a beach romance, doesn’t it?
We looked in, out and around Goa and found out the places that are crazily romantic, away from hustle, bustle and people. Just for the two of you. Presenting, 7 offbeat romantic places Goa for a great beach romance.

1.  Go rock spotting at the Vagator Beach

Chuck the usual crowd at Anjuna-esque beaches and head straight to Vagator. It is a laid back beach with enough scenery to last you an entire day.

Getting around: It is about an hour long drive away from the Diabolim Airport. You could also rent a scooter for 250-400rs and use it to get around. If you want this one to be romantic, go for a scooter.
What to do:  A typical movie-like beach romance evening. This rocky beach offers amazing view of the entire scenery. The dramatic red cliffs after dark with the moonlit sky would offer a perfect setting for you and your partner. Also, if you are a Harry Potter fan-- the rocks look like Hogwarts from some angles. Maybe go hunting for the perfect spot.
Eat, Drink, Party:
  • Scarlet’s, Chapora- The go to destination of travellers for great fruit juices and salads.
  • Thalassa- Go to Thalassa for their wonderful Greek cuisine and the breath-taking view of Vagator. Perfect date, much?
  • Nine Bar- Looking for good music and cheap booze? Head to Nine Bar. They have a party almost every 7-11pm. 

2. Enjoy indo-French inspired gourmet cuisine at Le Poisson Rouge

Le Poisson Rogue is the brainchild of a chef who bought together indo-french twists to their cuisine and made this place the most elite and unique fine dining place in Goa.

Getting around: Located around Baga, easy to find. You can ask the locals or just Google maps or Zomato it.
What to do:  This place calls for one of those evening dinner which starts with the lady receiving a dress, shoes and a card asking her out to dinner and ends with wine and French desserts.
Eat, Drink, Party:

  • If you want to make it special ask for Chef Gregory’s specials for the day. Coupled with the impeccable candle lit ambiance and great service it would be a heavenly meal.
  • Try their Shrimp Stuffed Calamari and Beetroot Carpaccio, they taste amazing.
  • You could also give their Mozzarella Samosa and Poisson special cocktail a try. 

 3. A spooky evening at the 3 Kings Church

The Three Kings Church gets its name from the same place it gets the story. The place is known to be haunted and if you are attentive enough you can feel the spirits around you. Named after the three kings who fought and poisoned each other and managed to die at the same time at the “Last Supper”, this place is said to have their spirits lingering around. These are not harmful spirits, but strong ones.
Getting around:  Located in village cansaulim, 15 km far from velsao in south Goa, you can get around on a scooter.
What to do: Well, start with finding out whether the place is actually spooky or not. You have nothing to lose either ways, the scenery is breath-taking and the haunted-ness just adds to your romance!

4. Bird Watching at the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Birds are peaceful to watch and the art of bird watching even more so. Head to the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.
Getting around:  Through a free of cost ferry across the river by the government of Goa towards Chorao Island. The most idea time will be in the mornings where you can see the sun rise and the birds chirping.
What to do:  There are tides on both the sides of the sanctuary, hence you should experience the high tide for backwaters and well as the low tide for marshy bird watching. Spend time in the nature, but remember don’t scare the birds.

5. Rachol

Racho also known as Raiturais a village in Salcete in Goa. The ground to the famous Rachol Seminary. With years of history on its side, the Rachol has traces of moats and the main gate of the colonial portuguese fort. The history of this place is romance in itself.

Getting there: It is located 8kms from the beach of Madgao. You can yet again use your scooter and enjoy the scenery on the way.

What to do: Rachol is the place where you go and sit. Breathing in Rachol's air, given its secluded location and the fact that a lot of tourits aren't aware of it, in itself is spiritual food for your relationship.

6. Divar Island

Divar Island is a must go if you want a perfect romantic beach vacation. Reason? It is an island. In the true sense and beauty of it. Remember those times when you think about being alone on an island with your partner? This is as close as you can get to that dream.
Getting Around: It is located around upriver 10 km from Panjim. Finding transport may not be difficult ( Yes, renting a scooter in Goa is the most convinient way to get around).

What to do: On the ride to the village you will see paddy fields, wooded hills around the roadways and typical Goan lifestyles. And when on an island, do what they do—Relax, soak in the nature and the scenery, try some roadside local munchies and make memories.

7. Ponda

Ponda is geographically the heart of Goa, a place which deserves to be on your romantic getaways to-do list. 29kms away from Panjim, it is also called the cultural city of Goa. This city is your chance to go around and explore culture, love, lifestyles and all the in betweens.
Getting Around: It is located on the National Highway 4A between Panjim and Belgam. Take a shuttle bus from Kadamba bus terminus to get here. Avoid the local buses, they take longer to reach.
What to do: Ponda is known for the artistic temples and has seen different kinds of religions over a period of time. You could also visit the Dudh Sagar wildlife sanctuary, Herbarium Abyss- an organic farm, Pascoal Spice village, Sahakri Spice farm and Butterfly Conservatory of Goa.
Eat, Party and Drink:  Do not forget to try the Goan-hindu style preparations of this area. You may not find a lot of drink except local bars around. Do try some feni though.

With that we feel we have given you a long enough to-do list for that sizziling romance and beach getaway you have been dying to have with your loved one. You could also try offbeat locations like the area behind Kala academy, it feel like it is straight out of an old movie set, Thalassa, a nice couples spa massage.. You could even rent a houseboat. We’ll leave the rest to your imaginations, check out our special packages for your dream beach romance getaway.

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