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How to get the right Thai Massage in Thailand

If you are one of us who believe that a Thailand trip is incomplete and a cardinal sin without having a Thai Massage then you are in the right place. 

     This massage took the spa industry by the storm 
and revolutionised massages as a whole.

Surprisingly enough, it was founded by Jivaka Kumar Baccha in India some 2500 years ago. It traveled down to Thailand and then just became something Thailand has been renowned for. 

If you are looking forward to get a Thai massage, here are things you should know that will help you select the best thai massage suited for your body 

1. Takes two: The quality of the massage is as much dependent on the Massage therapist as on you. The process is supposed to be a healing one and unless you voice your concerns about the pressure and the method, you may never get the one you deserve. Share your medical history with the Massage therapis.

2. What it does to you: Well, for starters it relaxes you, reduces stress, improves blood circulation, increases energy and flexibility. It also allows you to improve the range of motion while helping centre your body and your head.


3. No, it's not an erotic massage: In the southern part of the country women massage where as the north sees more male Massage therapists. This however does not make it an erotic affair. 

The Massage therapist is more than careful not to venture into the forbidden territory and aims to provide you with a therapeutic experience.

4. Selecting a Massage:

·   Swedish massage: With long kneading strokes and muscle rolling technique, this is the most common kinds of massages. 

Go if you are new to massages or are looking at reliving a certain sore.


·   Hot Stone Massage: Uses hot smooth stones to press against your body and massage it. Keeps you from drifting away since the “oh so hot” stones can be really hot. 

Primarily meant for relaxation and centering yourself.

·  Deep Tissue: Meant for specific tissues as it reaches out and smoothens your knots. 

Only go if you are looking for relaxation after a long day of walking or gymming.

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·Trigger point MassageOnly specific to the knotted and stressed area rather than the rest of the body. 

Somewhat like deep tissue, more pressure is used here however.

·  Shiatsu Massage: Finger pressure massage sues fingers to apply varied degrees of pressure on your body. 

Ailments such as headaches, backaches and loss of energy can be cured with this.


·     The Thai Massage: Yoga for the lazy, the Thai massage works every part of your body. 

Dry massage is best for releasing stress, rejuvenating and smoothing knots.

   5. Finding a Massage therapist: Do a background check on the quality and certification of the place you are going to visit regardless of how high it is rated on the internet. Share all concerns with them since they will be performing on your body and wear loose clothes once you do o down for the spa.

   6. Price: The price varies from location to the kind of establishment you go to. However, it can be anything between $10 an hour to $38 for a full body scrub in Thailand.

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   7. When not to get one done: You should totally avoid one after having a surgery or an infection/ gash. It should also not be performed on any open wounds. It is not advisable for pregnant women to undergo a Thai massage.

   8. How to tell if your Massage therapist is trained or not: Apart from the background research you may have done on the parlour that you went to, for starters, a therapist's nails should be short, that signifies a professional courtesy. 

    Secondly, it is the way a therapist moves around your body, ideally they will ask you to remove your clothes and lie down on your stomach. Then they would rub your back and the back of your legs. A good massage therapist does not need to be told about the pressure. However, feel free to communicate. 

   With Thai massages, they use their entire body to massage yours, requiring climbing on you and stretching you. Their knuckles are not supposed to hurt you. 

    A trained massage therapist shall also respect your privacy, you may be undressed but they shall cover the necessary parts of your body and make you feel at ease.


    9. How to undress before a massage: So, ideally you will be left alone in the room to take your clothes off. Remove all of them and get dressed into the disposable underwear you have been given. Wrap a towel around you and wait for your massage therapist to show up and do the rest. It is advised that you drink a lot of water before the massage and eat a light meal.

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29th Sept McleodGanj Triund Trekking Trip

29th Sept McleodGanj Triund Trekking Trip

#TripshelfQuickies presents weekend adventure Group Trip at McleodGanj - Triund on 29th September Long Weekend.
☀ Guided Trekking + McleodGanj City Tour + Triund + Group Activity + AC Volvo + Meals + Hotel + Camp + Bonfire + Music ☀

"There are two kinds of climbers, those who climb because their heart sings when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest." - Alex Lowe

☀ Highlights:

✔ Dates: 29th September to 3rd October.
✔ 03 Days / 02 Nights Stay (01 Night at Hotel Om Palace / Similar & 01 Night in Tent).
✔ Delhi - Dharamshala - Delhi Travel by AC Volvo. 
✔ Bus stand to Dharamshala by local vehicle (One way cabs only).
✔ 4 delicious (VEG) meals (02 Breakfasts & 02 Dinners).
✔ Guided Trek to Triund.
✔ Walking Tour of Mcleodganj City, Namgyal Monastery, Dalai Lama's House, Tibetan museum, St. John's Church, Bhagsu Temple & Falls, Dhal Lake.
✔ Fun activities & Group Bonding.
✔ Evening Bonfire and Music at the hotel (as per availability).
✔ INR 500 Cashback (per 2 person) + Free Photography class (in Delhi)!
✔ No hidden charges (All taxes included)!
✔ Trip operated and sold by a verified travel partner. 

☀ Exclusions: 

✔ Transportation from Dharamshala to the bus stand on the last day.
✔ Anything which is not included here.

☀ Charges:

✔ Triple Sharing - Rs.5,499/- per person.
✔ Twin Sharing - Rs.5,699/- per person.

**Call us at 01149058399 / 08882614414 / 08882796669 for support! (between 10am-7pm)

Pay now via our secured payment gateway...
 Flash Sale Payment : Rs.5299

☀ Trip Itinerary:

✔ Day 00 – 29th September: Friday (Departure):- Departure at 7:00 pm from Delhi by AC Volvo.
- Board the Volvo from Majnu Ka Tilla.

✔ Day 01 – 30th September: Saturday (McleodGanj):- Check-in at Hotel at Bhagsu and relax.

- Opt to explore the mystical side over a Walking tour – visit to Namgyal Monastery, Dalai Lama's House, Tibetan Museum, St.John's Church Wilderness, Bhagsu Temple & Falls.
- Later try out some good food (own cost) at local caf├ęs and restaurants - you might just end up with something bizarre but awesome on your plate, (Mcleodganj has a good variety of restaurants and cafes serving good Italian and Tibetan food).
**Don't forget to take your Pics & upload it in the FB-Event, you get special gifts**.- Return back to the hotel in the evening. Relax around a bonfire, music (as per availability).
- Have dinner (included) and relax.
- Overnight stay at Hotel.

✔ Day 02 – 1st October: Sunday (Trek to Triund):- This morning after breakfast (included) pack up, check out from hotel and get ready for an adventurous trek to Triund.

- Enjoy the Nature Walk through Forest.
- Have tea, coffee and snacks (own cost) at the small stalls along the way.
- It takes about 4 -5 hours to reach the campsite.
- Settle in, Breathe and relax for a while.
- Enjoy the unforgettable, breath-taking views of the Dhauladhar range.
- Later, huddle around and cherish the bonding with like-minded travellers over fun-filled group activities.
- Enjoy your dinner (included)! We will be camping in tents this night! 

✔ Day 03 – 2nd October: Monday (Dharamshala - Departure):- After breakfast (included) and taking-in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings at Triund one last time, we pack up and start trekking back.

- We trek straight to Dharamkot (Dharamkot is a small hippy colony in Dharamshala).
- At Dharamkot there is an Italian family that makes home-made pizzas that are famous all over Dharamshala, & visit Dhal lake (if time permits and at own transportation cost if any).
- For lunch one can opt for different restaurants like Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Israeli at McleodGanj.
- After lunch (own cost) head to Dharmashala.
- Browse through the market place one last time and shop for souvenirs.
- At Evening board the AC Volvo bus for your journey back to Delhi.
- Overnight in the bus.

✔ Day 04 – 3rd October: Tuesday (Delhi):- Reach Delhi at morning between 5AM to 8AM.

***Trip Ends***

**Call us at 01149058399 / 08882614414 / 08882796669 for support! (between 10am-8pm)

Pay now via our secured payment gateway...
 Flash Sale Payment : Rs.5299

✦ Trip operated and sold by a verified tour operator selling via, India's first holidays marketplace. 
Book now at- - Pay via our secured payment gateway.
Email at - Call us at 01149058399 / 08882614414 08882796669 for support! (between 10am-7pm)
Trip designed, operated and sold by verified operator.
INR 500 Cashback (per 2 person) + Free Photography class (in Delhi)!

Terms and conditions apply! Check them here..

☀ Trekking, Walking Tour, Bonfires, etc. are subject to weather conditions. If Trekking does not take place due to any particular reason, you will be refunded the cost. There will be no refund in case you choose not to do the Rafting at your own discretion. If there are any delays due to transport issues such as technical / traffic conditions, there is no refund. 

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