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How we travelled through Europe on a USD 1500 budget! #Mytrip

After having marvelled at Ranbir Kapoor’s countless escapades in and around Europe, I finally decided to save up some money, pick up a few friends and run away to this country spoken immensely about in books and movies alike. It is no wonder, after all- Europe is a piece of that dream each one of us should have at least once in our lives.
Being as young and as broke as they get, we wanted to travel cheap to Europe, and guess what? It's not as expensive as it looks like provided you are smart and willing to take on some adventure to get your Europe holiday cheap!

Read on as I take you on a Budget Europe Holiday!

Your Budget Europe holiday package awaits!
Budget Airlines
Budget airlines, if booked in advance can be the cheapest way to travel. Look up companies like Tansavia, Ryanair, Vueling and EasyJet offer cheap flights across the country. Some of these even have ticket prices where they charge you just tax.
There is a catch though. These budget airlines are very strict with their rules, be it baggage or boarding. Read the fine print clearly and follow it to the word,  you don’t want losing more than you have.
Need help finding cheap airlines for your cheap Europe holiday? Here.

Every country has a network of buses. In Europe you could get a bus and spend less than you would on a train. On our trip we preferred buses to travel internationally even though buses are less roomier than trains. Eurolines is Europe’s bus service, an umbrella organisation that offers cheap international buses.
Eurolines Bus

All hair the start-up world and this economy. The concept of sharing is becoming more and more popular by the day. While there are sharing services like Gumtree, very popular amongst backpackers- all you pay for is gas - BlaBlaCar worked out for us at that time. If you are looking to meet new people, this is a perfect place too. It is really exciting. We met an Italian guy with his Russian girlfriend who wanted to travel to India after they were done with Europe.
We bring to you a list of other ride sharing websites that could help.
Where to travel to?
Try cities like Florence where an average day’s expenditure is 45$-65$ roughly, depending upon the exchange rates. Hanburg is cheap too with the average expenditure being $40-$70 a day. You could try place is Poland, like Krakow (20$-35$) and Portugal, like Lisbon (27$-43$) on your next budget Europe holiday!
Florence on your Europe Holiday Package!
The more popular locations like Madrid and Milan are not very expensive either, with a day’s expenditure being anything between 33$- 60$.
When it comes down to cities like London, the money spent is going to burn a hole in your pocket slightly bigger with 70$-110$ a day. However, for a small trip and if you are saving up on transport, this could be a good pick.
London Bridge on your Europe Holiday Package!
Here you can find a list of average expenditure a day for the European cities.
Now the internet has opened up a vast areana for traveller to commute with the local and find cheap ways to stay. Some are:
Backpacker Hostels:
These places are great if you are looking to bunk and find some nice like-minded people in the process. With peppy common rooms and a spirit of travel resting behind the walls of a hostel like one of these, you will surely get a good night’s sleep.

Airbnb in Europe!
AirBnb shall help you find cheap accommodation at the most exotic of houses. If you are travelling in abig group you have more chances of saving up on cost. The owners who host these houses expect the guest to behave a certain way, some may not be okay with smoking or drinking but all of that is listed on the site and the home conditions helping you pick the best one.
Not a new concept but the point is that you get to stay nearly for free at someone else’s house. It worked out for us while you may have to look at the personality of the host to have your pick, if it does work out it does wonders to cut your budgets and help you find friends.
What fun is it going to a place and not gorging on their food right?
Organic food on your European holiday deal!
Budget restaurants:
Look out for cheap restaurants on the way where you can spend less and east more. Keep an eye out online for special offers and menus. This would also work for places where they serve large portions which you can share with your friends. Plan in advance and list down some places to eat in your locality or the place you shall be travelling you to help you save time.
Street foods and burger takeouts:
Yes, street food is as authentic as it gets and as cheap too. This was our go-to option to fill our hungry tummies with light pockets. Takeouts are also helpful since you don’t know when hunger strikes and you could always carry a sandwich in your bag. *winks*

Bars in Europe on your Europe Holiday package!
Always order tap water. Yes, the bottled water here and the soda is more expensive than wine or beer there for we are going to speak about the cheap ways to drink.
Ask the friends you made:
Ask fellow travellers and hostellers for cheap and nice places to drink around the city. You could also look out for happy hours and special schemes. You could also go in huge groups and share the bill for oversized barrels of alcohol.
Drink in Public:
In Europe drinking is public is okay. You could pick some alcohol off the stores and drink in the park. The police wont have an issue as long as you are decent looking and do not create a fuss. Do make sure to put your alcohol in a brown paper bag!
Student drinking places:
This one may look like the obvious but only when we point it out. Find out where the local students drink and hit those hangout places. You will find cheap alcohol  and a bunch of cool youngsters (Maybe) since they like to drink as cheaply as you do.
We went around watching places and sightseeing while keeping our pockets healthy, you could too. Let us not restrict ourselves from exploring because we were too stupid to splurge most of your salary the moment we get it. Save a little, spend a little. Also, always remember, there are always some destinations that are worth spending on even for a budget traveller. After all you are saving for an experience to Europe right? Aren’t you?
Watch this space for more.

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