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7 International Trips Out Of India That Cost LESS THAN AN iPHONE!

7 International Trips Out Of India That Cost LESS THAN AN iPHONE!

When you save up some money, and feel like buying a high-end Apple smartphone, pause for a moment and think. Think about what else you could do with that money. Start a fresh-baked goods cafe? Probably!

There’s something else too, something unbelievable - for the price of an iPhone you can travel abroad!

Where could you go?

Not to worry, here is a list of seven places abroad that you could visit for less than the price of an iPhone!

The crown-jewel of South Asia, Singapore is among the hottest tourist destinations in the whole world.

Best time to visit Singapore - Singapore is at its best during Spring to Autumn from March to October.

Tripshelf recommendations for things to do in Singapore -

There is absolutely nothing that you cannot experience in Singapore! From Orchard street to Marina bay to the great Singapore Zoo, there is a lot to see and do here.

Typical cost of a Sinagpore Holiday package - You can do a 3 nights’ tour for INR 18,699 going up to INR 72999 for an 8 nights holiday package to Singapore. Check out some amazing holiday packages to Sinagpore on here!

A marvellous beauty of the East, Thailand is one of those places that combine old customs with modern comforts forming an ideal location for all types of vacationers. Thailand is great for the beach-goers with its scenic, pristine beaches.

Best time to visit Thailand - March to July and then again after the rains from September to February.

Thailand is also great for a romantic getaway with its dreamy sceneries and luxurious resorts tucked away in the midst of Nature’s glory. A Thailand holiday is promised to be an absolute delight for the senses.

Tripshelf recommends- You can visit Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui. Interested in water sports? Get of at Phuket!

Typical cost of a Thailand package - Four nights’ tours start at INR 5896 and the sky's the limit when it comes to how expensive a luxury Thailand holiday package can be!

Thailand Skyline!

Do you recall that charming Malaysia Tourism advertisement? The one with the catchphrase “Malaysia -Truly Asia”? Well, there never was a greater truth in advertising history, perhaps.

Best time to visit Malaysia - Malaysia is best visited in the Spring from March to June or in Autumn from September to October.

Tripshelf recommended cities to visit in Malaysia - You can visit places like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca city and Johor Bahru!

Malaysia has every strain of asian culture and heritage mixed in its own rich traditions and history. Also, Malaysia is an ultra-modern nation which is a great hit with the shoppers. There is nothing that one cannot do in this great glorious Asian jewel of a nation!

Typical cost of a Malayisa holiday package - Five nights’ holiday package to Malaysia start at INR 21,000-25,000.

Malaysia Holiday!

Turkey is that ancient land that stands at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. and as a result, it has imbibed the cultures and traditions of both.

Best time to visit Turkey - Turkey is best visited in February to April then again October to December.

Tripshelf recommended things to do in Turkey - Just the capital city of Istanbul itself is an artistic wonder with architectural marvels like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Yerebatan Sarayi. There is so much to see-so much to learn in Turkey!  And of course, there is the delectable Turkish cuisine with world renowned delicacies like the Turkish delight.

Typical cost of a destination package- Four nights’ holiday packages to Turkey start at INR 28,999 and go upto INR 57999 for 8 nights and 5 cities holiday package to Turkey!

Hot Air Balloon Ride at Cappadocia, Turkey
5. Sri Lanka Holiday!

India’s neighbouring country with whom India shares a rich mythological and literary tradition. The Ramayana, anyone?

Best time to visit destination - Sri Lanka is best visited in November to March.

Tripshelf recommended things to do in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka is a glorious island-nation with rich tropical forests that teem with the most diverse and unique species of wildlife; it has architectural delights in the form of temples. Plus, Sri Lanka is famous for its Elephant ashrams, places where old and weak elephants live their days in comfort and happiness, under the loving protection and care of devoted animal lover and experts. Sri Lankan cuisine is also wonderful, with spicy seafood being world famous.

Typical cost of a Sri Lanka Holiday package - Three nights’ tours start at INR 25,000-40,000.

The beautiful and mysterious capital of Indonesia is among the places one MUST visit at least once in his/ her lifetime.

Best time to visit Bali - Bali is best visited in the cooler months from February to March and then from October to December.

Tripshelf recommends things to do in Bali - Bali is the place of wonders. A place where Nature and Man coexist in harmony-standing as a towering example to the rest of the world. You can visit places like Ubud, Kuta and Jimbaran. Bali is not a place to see. It is a place to FEEL.

Typical cost of a destination package - Four Nights holiday packages to Bali start at INR 11599!

Traditional dance in Bali
7. Maldives Holidays starting at INR 31000

The last, but in no way the least, on this list is beautiful Maldives. This beautiful collection of hundreds of islands and 26 coral atolls speckled like jewels in the Indian Ocean is a great place for a refreshing vacation. 

Maldives has beautiful natural coral reefs teeming with aquatic life of the most diverse and beautiful kind. It has breathtaking electric blue lagoons. And of course, the seafood cuisine is a delight to the tongue.

Best time to visit Maldives - Maldives is best visited in December to March and then again September to November.

Tripshelf recommended things to do - The capital of Maldives, MalĂ©, has a glorious architectural wonder, Hukuru Miskiy, made entirely of coral stone. Apart from the capital, you can visit Addu city and Maafushi.  

Typical cost of a destination package - Three nights’ tours start at INR 31,000-37,000.

Off to Maldives!
So, here was the list of the seven places you could visit instead of spending your money on a pricey iPhone. Each of these places is a glory in its own right, with unique cultural and natural highlights. A holiday package from Tripshelf to any of these places will soothe your senses and enlarge your mind. 

Bon Voyage, mon ami!

Please note that the tour prices listed above are approximate values. Prices may differ slightly depending on the tour package you select, and the kind of accommodation you choose.

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When travelling to Thailand 4 nights is cheaper than a Thai massage in Delhi!

When travelling to Thailand 4 nights is cheaper than a Thai massage in Delhi!
Ever imagined yourself sitting by a post-card perfect beach, soaking in the summer sun while dipping your favourite drink? After having spent hours behind your desk working, we think you need this vacation. 

Bangkok City! - Credits
Thailand is a place that is in the middle of everywhere. Why spend that pretty vacation time on a spa vacation in your city when you can as easily get a Thai massage in Thailand? 

You could also explore crazy places there. 

Here is our list of 7 things you must do in Thailand
1.The Grand Palace and Grand Kew
When you head to Bangkok you must see The Grand Palace. Within its walls resides the Thai Ministry, state department and the mint. 

It happens to be the spiritual heart of the Thai kingdom. Amazing place to witness the Thai craftsmanship!

Bangkok Grand Palace - Source - Credits here!
2. Thai Massage
Oh, the brilliance. 

This massage form is both famous and infamous. 

Yet, the therapeutic aspect of this can not be denied. 

It calms down your sores and rejuvenates the tired you. Here are the best places to get a Thai massage. You could get a couple’s one too!

Credits - Wikimedia Commons
3. Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island!)
North of Phuket is the beautiful bay with limestone cliffs. 

The Phang Nga Bay is spectacular for a scenery and an encounter with famous tourists from the movies. 

Take a cruise through the dramatic beach and spend it lazying around the beaches.

James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay!
4. Coral Island Tour
Called Koh Hae, the island earns its name not just for the beautiful corals but everything else in between. 

Snorkel your way to them, or watch them in a glass floored boat, they are magnificent as they are. The nights are peacefully calm. You can get here by renting a longtail boat.
You could also check out our great Nano Thai Holiday Package, that shows you the island without you having to worry about an itinerary!

Coral Island Tour!
5. Floating Markets
A photographer’s delight, these floating markets are one of a kind. 

Piled high with exotic fruits and veggies and coconut juices these boats are a delight to watch. 

You could munch on the food cooked by the floating kitchens or pick up a book or two from a floating bookstore.
Here is our Beautiful Thailand Tour package, that will help you shop for gems, jewellery along with giving you a comfortable stay option.

Floating Markets in Thailand
6. Doi Suthep
“If you haven’t tastes Khao Soi or seen the view from Doi suthep, you haven’t been to Chiang Mai” is a popular Thai saying. We could not agree more. 

The mountain overlooks the city from the northwestern side giving you a great view of this world. 

It is also the home to Wat Prathat Doi Suthep Temple. Discover this on your next holiday package to Thailand.

7.Bangkok city

The opulent lights. The bars. The casinos. The infamous ladyboys. The Buddhist temples. This city shall give you reasons to come back over and again.

Venture into the old Siam away from the city hustle. You could also go around the canals for the temples that are a must visit.
Check out our Thai delights holiday package tour, we take you to the corals, through the old city, into the dense markets and back!

Yes, Thailand isn’t an expensive place. 

You could chose to stay in a hotel that costs you $4 a night to $10000 a night. What we say, is that it is worth a try. Here are a couple of tips on travelling Thailand on a budget by a friendly thailand lover!

And If you're looking to take a Thailand Holiday package, we have it all! Budget holiday packages to Thailand starting at INR 5896! Go on, book your holiday package to Thailand now!

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Short Trips / Weekend Trips Cancellation Policy

Short Trips / Weekend Trips Cancellation Policy 

Booking a holiday package to Goa? 

Bookings are totally non-refundable/Non changeable. 
> Surcharges may be applicable of some dates
> Rates are valid on min. 2 Pax travelling together
> Flight details may change as per the date / availability
> Ticket will sent 3 days before departure Cancellation Policy For Weekend Short Trips To Mcleod Ganj, Manali, Kasol, etc. 

Booking a trek or short trip with us?
Here's our traveller friendly cancellation and booking policy
1. Cancellation before 20 days of departure date - 75% Amount Refunded less any amounts spent / booked on your behalf
2. Cancellation before or on 15 days of departure date- 50% Amount Refunded less any amounts spent / booked on your behalf
3. Cancellation 0 to 14 days before departure date - No amount refunded! :(
Payment schedule - Full payment to hit Tripshelf as per individual trip requirement. If not mentioned in trip itinerary then minimum 20 days in advance the full payment must reach Tripshelf.
Cancellation - Please write to with your payment id and cancellation request. Phone cancellation will not be treated as a cancellation.
Payments? Please write to or pay on the link provided. 

Full Terms and conditions at -

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Romancing Kerala Bollywood Styles: Exploring Famous Bollywood Song Locations in Kerala!

Romancing Kerala Bollywood Styles: Exploring Famous Bollywood Song Locations in Kerala!

I am your quintessential Bollywood buff, living and breathing Hindi films. I am mesmerised by the exotic locations & alluring landscapes at which Hindi movie songs are shot! So as I planned a much anticipated vacation to Kerala, I secretly hoped to be able to experience at least some locations in Kerala where Bollywood songs have been shot. And oh boy! Kerala did not disappoint me at all. I got what I had hoped for and more.

Here I share with you 5 Bollywood songs, shot in picturesque locations in God's very own country: Kerala

1. Behne de from Raavan: 

Mani Ratnam sure did justice to the enthralling views of the Athirapally waterfalls. Located in the Thissur district of Kerala this 80 ft high waterfall has been nicknamed as the “Niagra falls of India’. Gulzar’s soulful lyrics combined with Rehman’s music just served to add to the beautiful visuals on screen. It was the first destination on my Kerala itinerary and was the perfect start to a much anticipated trip.
Visit the Athirapally waterfalls on your Kerala Holiday Package! Credits - Wiki Commons
2. Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari from Chennai Express

Think of verdant green expanses, plush tea plantations spread sprawled across the horizon, winding lanes through a spread of green and you are visualizing the gentle slopes of Munnar.  The song Kashmir main Tu Kanyakumari from Deepika and Shahrukh starrer Chennai express was filmed here. Stunning Deepika in bright sarees being serenaded by Shahrukh in the stunning landscape is truly a treat to the eyes. My experience at Munnar was sheer romance which was amplified by a room which afforded a view overlooking a pristine lake. Munnar is a preferred destination for honeymoon packages to Kerala!

Munnar Honeymoon Packages!
3. Jiya jale from Dil Se
While a sizzling pair of Priety Zinta and Shahrukh Khan dancing to the beats on the houseboats did up the hotness quotient of Jiya Jaley; what added a distinctly ethereal feel to the song’s look and feel were the breathtaking picturesque Alleppey back waters. Our very own 'Venice of the east' with its serene backwaters and lush green banks is nothing short of a paradise.  While on the personal houseboats here, away from the humdrum and noises of city life; the views of rustic village settlements and the wildlife on the banks and breathtaking sunrise and sunset views my husband and I were truly lost to the world and just immersed in the beauty around us. The two days I spent in Alleppey truly gave me memories of a lifetime. I'm looking forward to book an awesome Alleppey holiday now!

Houseboats in Kerala! Something you will get in every houseboat holiday package to Kerala!
4. Tu hi re from Bombay
Tu hi re the song from another Mani Ratnam movie Bombay is a hauntingly beautiful melody captured for posterity on celluloid in the tranquil environment of the Bekal Fort in Kasargod. This is one of my personal favourite songs and when I got to know that our itinerary in Kerala was so planned that I will get to spend one whole day here, my joy knew no bounds. This is the largest fort in Kerala located on the serene Bekal beach. The song captures the beauty of the fort and its surroundings in all its monsoon glory. The scenes of the beach waves hitting the rocks and the wet greenery provide a perfect backdrop to a ballad of love and longing.

Bekal Fort visit is a must on your holiday package to Kerala!
5. Bechainiyan Betabiyan From Gupt
As Bobby Deol and Manisha Koirala romance in this song, the backdrop is beautiful enough to distract you. The location of this shoot was the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, in Thekkady. Clear blue waters of the Periyar Lake, a pristine bank, trees all around, hillocks in the distance; this seems to be an ideal location for a romance. 

Periyar Wildlife
 I fell in love with Kerala on my holiday. I'm sure you would to. While browsing, I found a website where you can compare holiday packages to Kerala to get the cheapest price on your holiday package to Kerala since you're looking for the best holiday package! Look for your Kerala honeymoon package here!

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How we travelled through Europe on a USD 1500 budget! #Mytrip

After having marvelled at Ranbir Kapoor’s countless escapades in and around Europe, I finally decided to save up some money, pick up a few friends and run away to this country spoken immensely about in books and movies alike. It is no wonder, after all- Europe is a piece of that dream each one of us should have at least once in our lives.
Being as young and as broke as they get, we wanted to travel cheap to Europe, and guess what? It's not as expensive as it looks like provided you are smart and willing to take on some adventure to get your Europe holiday cheap!

Read on as I take you on a Budget Europe Holiday!

Your Budget Europe holiday package awaits!
Budget Airlines
Budget airlines, if booked in advance can be the cheapest way to travel. Look up companies like Tansavia, Ryanair, Vueling and EasyJet offer cheap flights across the country. Some of these even have ticket prices where they charge you just tax.
There is a catch though. These budget airlines are very strict with their rules, be it baggage or boarding. Read the fine print clearly and follow it to the word,  you don’t want losing more than you have.
Need help finding cheap airlines for your cheap Europe holiday? Here.

Every country has a network of buses. In Europe you could get a bus and spend less than you would on a train. On our trip we preferred buses to travel internationally even though buses are less roomier than trains. Eurolines is Europe’s bus service, an umbrella organisation that offers cheap international buses.
Eurolines Bus

All hair the start-up world and this economy. The concept of sharing is becoming more and more popular by the day. While there are sharing services like Gumtree, very popular amongst backpackers- all you pay for is gas - BlaBlaCar worked out for us at that time. If you are looking to meet new people, this is a perfect place too. It is really exciting. We met an Italian guy with his Russian girlfriend who wanted to travel to India after they were done with Europe.
We bring to you a list of other ride sharing websites that could help.
Where to travel to?
Try cities like Florence where an average day’s expenditure is 45$-65$ roughly, depending upon the exchange rates. Hanburg is cheap too with the average expenditure being $40-$70 a day. You could try place is Poland, like Krakow (20$-35$) and Portugal, like Lisbon (27$-43$) on your next budget Europe holiday!
Florence on your Europe Holiday Package!
The more popular locations like Madrid and Milan are not very expensive either, with a day’s expenditure being anything between 33$- 60$.
When it comes down to cities like London, the money spent is going to burn a hole in your pocket slightly bigger with 70$-110$ a day. However, for a small trip and if you are saving up on transport, this could be a good pick.
London Bridge on your Europe Holiday Package!
Here you can find a list of average expenditure a day for the European cities.
Now the internet has opened up a vast areana for traveller to commute with the local and find cheap ways to stay. Some are:
Backpacker Hostels:
These places are great if you are looking to bunk and find some nice like-minded people in the process. With peppy common rooms and a spirit of travel resting behind the walls of a hostel like one of these, you will surely get a good night’s sleep.

Airbnb in Europe!
AirBnb shall help you find cheap accommodation at the most exotic of houses. If you are travelling in abig group you have more chances of saving up on cost. The owners who host these houses expect the guest to behave a certain way, some may not be okay with smoking or drinking but all of that is listed on the site and the home conditions helping you pick the best one.
Not a new concept but the point is that you get to stay nearly for free at someone else’s house. It worked out for us while you may have to look at the personality of the host to have your pick, if it does work out it does wonders to cut your budgets and help you find friends.
What fun is it going to a place and not gorging on their food right?
Organic food on your European holiday deal!
Budget restaurants:
Look out for cheap restaurants on the way where you can spend less and east more. Keep an eye out online for special offers and menus. This would also work for places where they serve large portions which you can share with your friends. Plan in advance and list down some places to eat in your locality or the place you shall be travelling you to help you save time.
Street foods and burger takeouts:
Yes, street food is as authentic as it gets and as cheap too. This was our go-to option to fill our hungry tummies with light pockets. Takeouts are also helpful since you don’t know when hunger strikes and you could always carry a sandwich in your bag. *winks*

Bars in Europe on your Europe Holiday package!
Always order tap water. Yes, the bottled water here and the soda is more expensive than wine or beer there for we are going to speak about the cheap ways to drink.
Ask the friends you made:
Ask fellow travellers and hostellers for cheap and nice places to drink around the city. You could also look out for happy hours and special schemes. You could also go in huge groups and share the bill for oversized barrels of alcohol.
Drink in Public:
In Europe drinking is public is okay. You could pick some alcohol off the stores and drink in the park. The police wont have an issue as long as you are decent looking and do not create a fuss. Do make sure to put your alcohol in a brown paper bag!
Student drinking places:
This one may look like the obvious but only when we point it out. Find out where the local students drink and hit those hangout places. You will find cheap alcohol  and a bunch of cool youngsters (Maybe) since they like to drink as cheaply as you do.
We went around watching places and sightseeing while keeping our pockets healthy, you could too. Let us not restrict ourselves from exploring because we were too stupid to splurge most of your salary the moment we get it. Save a little, spend a little. Also, always remember, there are always some destinations that are worth spending on even for a budget traveller. After all you are saving for an experience to Europe right? Aren’t you?
Watch this space for more.
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